Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Clothespins Snowflakes

Hi!! Today I'm sharing a very cool Holiday DIY project! I love snowflakes so much, even though I haven't seen one in real life because where I live there is no snow! So this  DIY is awesome because it makes me feel like if they were real snowflakes! Let's get started!

* Clothespins
* Glue gun
* White paint
* Paint brush
* Glitter


1.  First of all you'll need 6 clothespins for each snowflake.

2. Remove all of the springs.

3. Glue them together.

4. Use your white paint to paint them.

5. Glue them all together. Make sure they join at the middle to create the shape of a snowflake.

6. Add some glitter to make it shine.

That's it! It is really easy and I love how it turned out! If you tie some string to it you could even use them as ornaments! I hope you liked it!

XOXO, Susy

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