Sunday, January 25, 2015

#TakeBackWhat'sYours Campaign

Hi!! Today's post is about a campaign called Take Back What's Yours and I was tagged by Melissa from The Hopeful Wayfarer. The campaign was originally started by Chloe from Chloe's Concept, and the purpose of this campaign is to use our New Year's resolution to benefit our entire life.

The rules:

1. Write a blog post talking about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part.
2. What Take Back What's Yours New Year Resolution you're going to set for yourself.
3. Tag 10 bloggers to take part.
4. Let Chloe know you're taking part by usingt the hashtag on Twitter #TakeBackWhatsYours, also tag @ChloesConcept or @TBWYCampaign so she can retweet you.
5. If you can, include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster (doesn't have to be artistic) with the words:
                                                  "TAKE BACK WHAT'S YOURS -

In 2015, I'm taking back: *i.e., "my confidence" 


* With that photo, you can upload it with a message on her Tumblr site. She wants to get as many photos of people as possible so that we can put faces to names and bring a sense of reality to this campaign! This is the link OR you can upload it to your Instagram site (if that's more convenient to you!) but make sure you use the #TakeBackWhatsYours so she can see it and save it so she can upload it to a big post with everyone's picture!
* There is no set deadline - just as soon as you can write the post, the better, to get the message spread!
* Let's get #TakeBackWhatsYours trending and let the world know we're here to make a difference.

My Take Back What's Yours New Year resolution is that I want my confidence back. I really want my confidence back because it has stopped me from doing many things but since I wasn't confident enough I would not do them.
I've never been the a very confident person, but in the past few years I lost pretty much what I had left of it. I don't know exactly why this happened or why I can't get it back. Sometimes I feel like there's no one I can be me with and that makes me really sad. My lack of confidence got worse when I changed to a new school in 10th, I only did 1 year in there, but let's just say that it wasn't the best year for me. During that year I lost confidence in things that I used to have a lot of confidence; for example, I couldn't participate in class anymore because I couldn't even raising my hand to answer even though I knew the answer. It wasn't a very good year, most of the time I will be excluded from the conversions between my classmates and that didn't help at all, it made me feel like an outsider. 
This is why I want my confidence back. I want to be able to be me wherever I am no matter who I am with, I want to be able to do the things that I like without thinking of what other people think of me, I want to participate in class, I want to be happy with myself. I hope this year will be awesome and I want to make really good friends who I can be me with.
I was really happy when Melissa tagged me because this is an awesome campaign that could make a significant change to someone's life, so thank you Melissa for tagging me. I want more people to take part in this beautiful campaign, believe me you won't regret it!

I tag:

This is it for today's post! I hope you liked it! Feel free to participate in this campaign even if I didn't tag you!

XOXO, Susy


  1. Sounds like a great campaign!! Thanks so much for tagging me and excuse my late reply. I just came across your comment on my post. I'll get into it asap. Appreciated!! :)

    1. I know right! I was very happy when I was tagged! I'll love to read your post!

      XOXO, Susy

  2. Wow, this seems like a great campaign for 2015. It's a New Year's Resolution to last, hahaha

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey

    1. I really like this campaign! You should take part on it too!

      XOXO, Susy