Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's on my nails?

Today I'm showing you which nail polish I'm using at this moment. This is one of my favorites it is from BissĂș, it is number 229 in the shade turquesa. BissĂș is a Mexican brand, which is why the name of the shade is in spanish, but it makes more things other than nail polish, like makeup and brushes. I just discovered this brand about a month ago and I already have like 5 nail polishes from this brand; and it is because all of their nail polishes have an amazing quality, they stay on my nails for a long time and they have so many beautiful colors.
If you want to check them out I'll leave the link here.

That's it for today's post. Leave a comment down below if you want me to do a post about my nail polish collection.

xoxo, Susy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Staying hydrated

Sometimes drinking water is not fun, but it is something that we have to do. Drinking enough water is so important for our body, but there are some people who do not enjoy drinking water (me), so today I will share with you some tips that have been helping me to drink more water.

1. You should always have water with you. I always carry my water bottle every where I go.

2. You should have a really pretty water bottle. I do not know about you but when my water bottle is pretty I tend to drink a lot more water, which is important for staying hydrated. This is my water bottle, (I showed it to you on my May favorites post). It is from the brand Cool Gear and I got it at Walmart.

XOXO, Susy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Frozen grapes for summer

I don't know about you but during summer all I want to eat is frozen food like ice cream, so today I'll show you another fantastic frozen treat. Instead of ice cream you could eat frozen grapes, it actually tastes so different than normal grapes it tastes like sour candy, but since it is fruit you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty.

1. First of all you have to wash your grapes.
2. Then put them in a bowl.
3. Put them in the freezer, mine stayed in there during all night and they were ready the next day.

XOXO, Susy

Sunday, July 13, 2014

June favorites

Hi everyone! I'm back! I'm so sorry that I haven't post anything for a whole month, but there was no time because I've been doing some traveling but now I'm back. So, today I am going to share with you my June favorites.

Sister Slam and The Poetic Motormouth Road Trip by Linda Oatman High.

During this month I read this awesome book and let me tell you this is one of my favorite books ever. This book is about a girl named Laura or Sister Slam, which is her nickname, and her best friend  decide to go to a slam competition. So the story tells all of their adventures before and after the competition. But I won't tell you more because you have to read it to find out.

 Herbal Essences Mousse for Curly Hair

As I told you I did some traveling last month, but I forgot my mousse so I bought this one while I was in my vacations. This thing smells so good and makes my hair so soft. Since my hair is curly I have to use this to give it some shape and make it easy to style it, so this is way this thing is awesome.

EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit

My lips are always dry, so I always have to use a lip balm. This one is perfection because it is so mosturizing and it smells sooo good. I chose this scent because it said summer which is perfect. I definitely recommend EOS lip balms.


These where a gift from my grandma and I love them. The color is a minty blue which is why I love them. They are really comfy which is a plus. With this hot weather sandals are a most and I am so glad that I have this pair.

Jean Jacket from Zara

Some times is a little bit chilly outside during summer and I'm going to need something to cover me, so that is why I bought this jean jacket from Zara, because it is not too warm but it will give that cozy feeling for the chilly days. I have been using it a lot since I bought it because I just simply love it.

Ok, so these were all of my favorites for the month of June, I hope you enjoyed it.

XOXO, Susy