Friday, August 29, 2014

Cinnamon face mask

Today I am going to show you how to do a face mask with things that you already have in your house. To be honest this is the first time that I use a mask and I really liked this one, plus it is so much fun to apply a mask. You can buy many different masks for different purposes but sometimes they are a bit expensive, that's why I'll show how to do your own and I can guarantee you that it will be a lot less expensive. I'm a teenager so my skin still has some acne and even though it is not really bad acne I still don't like it, because who likes acne, so this mask will help you with your acne.

What you'll need:
3 tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1. Mix together the honey and the cinnamon until it creates a thick paste.
2. Apply it on your face for ten minutes, or until it starts to burn.
3. Wash it off with warm water.
4. Pat face dry.
5. Apply your moisturizer.

◆ The cinnamon will stop the acne-causing bacteria.
◆ The honey will reduce redness and restore moisture.

This recipe makes enough to use it two times, so if you do not want to keep the rest of it or if you do not have a container to put it in make sure you cut the recipe in half.

That's it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it!

XOXO, Susy

Friday, August 22, 2014

Empties- Products that I've used up

Today I am going to show the products that I've used up and share with you my thoughts on them. Let's get started!

Hair conditioner with Argan oil by PHYTORELAX LABORATORIES

I think that this is the best hair conditioner that I've ever tried. My hair is curly which means that it is very dry, so I have to constantly condition it to keep it moisturized. This one has Argan oil which is a plus and it gives the conditioner a really good scent. My hair always gets tangled but this conditioner helps me to get rid of all the knots in my hair.

Exfoliating cleansing cream by L'BEL PARIS

This is my exfoliating-balancing cleansing cream for normal to oily skin. I really liked this exfoliator because it does not makes my skin feel dry, it is actually very soft and gentle. It has little blue beads that helps with exfoliating my skin.

Dove body lotion

Except for my face my skin is dry, so once in a while a like to use a deep care lotion to moisturize my skin. I like this lotion because it moisturizes my skin but it is not greasy and my skin stays moisturized for the whole day. I liked it so much that I actually already re-purchased it.

Day cream by POND'S

This is my day cream by POND'S, it is in the collection White Beauty which is meant to help your skin to keep it's  natural color.  This is the second time that I purchased it because I like that it is not greasy and I like how it smells. I use it in the morning after I wash my face because if I don't use it my skin will feel dry.

This is it for today's post, as you can see I really like things that moisturize. Hope that enjoyed this post.

XOXO, Susy

Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY magazine/ notebook holder

I love DIY projects and since it is back to school season I thought that I should share a DIY project to organize your notebooks. So, today I am going to show you how to do your own notebook/ magazine holder, so let's get started!!

Cereal box
Decorative paper


1. Cut all of the flaps on the top of your cereal box. 

2. Cut your box diagonally (as shown in the picture below) to make it look like a magazine holder.

3. Cover your box with the decorative paper of your choice, I used tape to stick it to the box; you can decorate it more but I liked mine like this.

4. Now you only have to put your notebooks or magazines in it.

This is it, as you can see this is so pretty and so easy to make plus they will keep your stuff organized! I hope that you enjoyed today's post and I hope that my explaining of the procedure was easy to understand.

XOXO, Susy

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Liebstar Awards Nomination

OMG! I cannot explain how happy I am to be nominated. This is my first nomination ever and it makes so happy to know that somebody likes my blog enough as to nominate me for an award. The person who nominated me is Isabelle Geeraerts, here is her blog , you should check it out!


1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven-question set for the next group of nominees.
3. Choose eleven people to nominate them and link them in the post.
4. Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs
5. Nominate blogs under 200 followers.

11 Facts 

1. I am Mexican.

2. I have asthma.

3.  5sos is my favorite band ever

4. I love reading!

5. I love ice cream!

6.  My birthday was last Monday, on August 11th.

7. I've been in 9 different schools.

8. I have a black lab, and his name is Negrito (Blacky in English)

9. I love unicorns!

10.  I have two sisters, yeah I'm the middle one!

11. I am allergic to pollen.


1. What's your music style?
I don't really have a specific music style, I like listening to different styles; for example I like pop music but I also like country, but I love 5sos and their music is punk rock. So, I cannot decide, I like almost all music styles.

2. What's your favorite candy?
There are so many that I like but I think that I'll go for chocolate, specially cookies & cream chocolate.

3. Who's the person you look up to?
I look up to my mom, she is my role model. I look up to her because she is a very strong woman Me and my family have gone through a lot, but she always remained strong. I know that I can trust in her, because she is always there for me when I need her. I love her and I would not be able to live without her.

4. Which celebrity do you want to be for one day?
I would like to be Lucy Hale for one day because she is an awesome singer and actress, plus I would be able to meet all of the Pretty Little Liars crew.

5. Do you like sports? If yes, which one? If not, why not?
I do like sports, I have actually tried a lot of them. I did gymnastics for 1 year and dance for 2 years. But I think that my favorite is swimming, I just love the feeling when you are in the water and it is so relaxing for me.

6. What's the most expensive clothing piece you have?
I do not have a lot of expensive clothing but the most expensive will have to be my zara trench coat, it was on sale for $60, but I am so glad that I bought it because it keeps me warm but I still look good with it.

7. Which theory do you think is absolutely nonsense?
For me the theory that says that men evolved from the monkeys is absolutely nonsense becuase if we did evolutionated from the monkeys why are the monkeys still monkeys shouldn't they be humans.

8. Would you die for a loved one?
If it is someone that I really love and if there's nothing that I could do to change it then I will die for a loved one.

9. Which movie makes you cry?
There are so many movies that make me cry, but the one that made me cry the most was Courageous. This is a Christian drama fill that says that men should be courageous and protect their families. It is a beautiful story but I won't tell you more, if you want to know more then you will have to wacht it.

10. Would you like to visit Belgium one day?
Yes, I love traveling! I would like to go to Brussels, it is one of the most famous cities in Europe. I've heard of the Grand Place and I would love to go there.

11. Heels or sneakers?
I'm not a heels person, I really love my sneakers they are so comfy (which is the most important for me) and they look cute with many things; but every once in a while I like to use some heels.

My questions
1. What's your best memory?
2. Do you prefer cold or hot weather?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What's your favorite quote?
5. If you had a wish, what would you wish for?
6. Do you like to read? Why?
7. Dresses or jeans?
8. Do you like Mexican food?
9. Do you prefer to buy something or do it yourself?
10. Bracelets or necklaces?
11. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I nominate:

Congratulations on your nominations!

XOXO, Susy

Friday, August 8, 2014

July favorites

Today is the time that I will be sharing my favorites of the month of July.  As always what I say is my opinion. So, lets get started.

Nude flats

Flats are my favorite type of shoe, I just think they are very comfy and they look so cute. But it was time to get a new pair, so I went to Payless and bought these nude flats. Nude shoes are a must because you can use them with almost everything nad it will look cute.

Berrylicious refreshing cologne

This is my new refreshing cologne called Berrylicious in the scent mora potion, and it is by the brand Cy┬║zone. I did not buy this myself, I actually got this as a gift from a friend but thanks God that she gave it to me because I really wanted it. This is like a body spray and it smells so good. It really smells like berries and it is a sweet and refreshing scent.

Jordana lipstick

I recently bought this lipstick and I have benn using it a lot. This is my first Jordana lipstick and it is in the shade Coral flame. It is a pinky coral color and it is so pretty, plus it has a fruity scent, for me it smells like watermelon candy.

Loom bracelets

I don't know if you have heard of the Rainbow loom, if you've heard of it then you'll know that this is another loom. I bought this one while I was in Mexico and since then I've been making lots of bracelets and other stuff. The three things shown next to the loom are some of my creations and I think that they look cute. If you ever want me to make a post about how to make a bracelet with the loom just leave a comment down below.

Pineapple whip

With these hot summer days I'm always eating cold things. That is why I made this pineapple whip inspired in the Dole pineapple whip from Disney. I have never tried the one from Disney but I saw lots of recreations nad made my own. It is so good that I wish I could eat it every day. If you want to know how I did it just leave a comment and I will make a post about it.

This is it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it.

XOXO, Susy