Friday, August 22, 2014

Empties- Products that I've used up

Today I am going to show the products that I've used up and share with you my thoughts on them. Let's get started!

Hair conditioner with Argan oil by PHYTORELAX LABORATORIES

I think that this is the best hair conditioner that I've ever tried. My hair is curly which means that it is very dry, so I have to constantly condition it to keep it moisturized. This one has Argan oil which is a plus and it gives the conditioner a really good scent. My hair always gets tangled but this conditioner helps me to get rid of all the knots in my hair.

Exfoliating cleansing cream by L'BEL PARIS

This is my exfoliating-balancing cleansing cream for normal to oily skin. I really liked this exfoliator because it does not makes my skin feel dry, it is actually very soft and gentle. It has little blue beads that helps with exfoliating my skin.

Dove body lotion

Except for my face my skin is dry, so once in a while a like to use a deep care lotion to moisturize my skin. I like this lotion because it moisturizes my skin but it is not greasy and my skin stays moisturized for the whole day. I liked it so much that I actually already re-purchased it.

Day cream by POND'S

This is my day cream by POND'S, it is in the collection White Beauty which is meant to help your skin to keep it's  natural color.  This is the second time that I purchased it because I like that it is not greasy and I like how it smells. I use it in the morning after I wash my face because if I don't use it my skin will feel dry.

This is it for today's post, as you can see I really like things that moisturize. Hope that enjoyed this post.

XOXO, Susy


  1. Is the Ponds' face cream a new product? I've never seen it before but I really want to try it out! And the packaging looks different too :)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. I saw it for the first time at the drugstore around January, but I think that it depends of where you live.

      XOXO, Susy