Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Haul

Hi guys!!! Today's post it's going to be my first haul!! This is a fashion/beauty/random haul! I've been doing a lot of shopping recently and I thought that it will be awesome to make a haul. So let's get started!!


As you can see I bought more lip products and I don't regret it. The first item is a Baby Lips and it is in the color Peach kiss, it is a nude tented lip balm with a bit of glitter and it smells delicious!! I think that it smells like candy!
The next item is an EOS lip balm in the flavor lemon drop, it has spf 15 so it will protect my lips from the sun. I really like EOS lip balms becuase they are really moisturizing.
The last item is a Rimmel London cream lip gloss in the color 116 comfortably nude and it also has spf 15! The quality of this lip gloss is really good and it feels really moisturizing.

In here I'm using Maybelline's Color Show Limited Edition nail polish in the shade 705 Auburn Ablaze. This is the perfect fall nail polish because it is a brown color with a hint of red and it remembers me of the leaves falling from the trees.


Sweater from Rue 21. I love using sweaters and I needed a cropped sweater so I bought this one from Rue 21 and I love it! As you can see it is a little bit longer at the back. This sweater is soo soft!

This shirt is also from Rue 21. It is a long sleeved cropped shirt and I use it under the sweater above. I love that it is so simple and plain, it is really soft and the fabric is not very thick.

I do not own a lot of purses and I needed a new one, so I bought this black purse from Stradivarius. I love it so much! I don't like big purses and this one is the perfect size. I like the fact that is all black except for the gold chain, which I think it makes it look more elegant.


Surprise another 5sos thing!! So when I heard that they will release their own book I got so excited and I knew that I to buy it! The book is called "Hey, Let's Make A Band" and basically is the guys biography! And I love it!

This is it for my first haul post! I hope you liked it!

XOXO, Susy


  1. I love the purse! It looks like the perfect size and color!

    1. Thanks!! When I saw I knew that I had to buy it!

      XOXO, Susy