Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Favorites

Today is the time to show my favorites for the month of August.  I think that this is my favorite type of post to write or read, I just love these type of posts. As some of you know this month was my birthday and it was hard to choose my favorites because there were so many things that I liked, but since I always choose only five things I'm going to show you my top 5 favorite things of the month.

Necklace with my initial from Claire's

As I told you this month was my birthday, so my older sister gave me this beautiful necklace as a birthday gift. When I saw it I literally screamed of happiness because I had been wanting a necklace with my initial for the longest time and know I finally have one. I love it so much that I have been using it every day.

Sandals by New York Transit

I think that you realized that I love shoes because in almost all of my monthly favorites I show you a pair of shoes, but yes I reallynlike shoes. I love these sandals because they are wedge sandals and since I'm not very tall they help me a lot. I do not really use heels or wedge shoes because I get tired so easily but not with these ones, they are very comfy I can use them all day and my feet won't hurt.

Adara Paris lipstick

This lipstick is by the brand Adara Paris and it is in the number 51, there is no name for the shade, but it is a nice peachy pink color and I absolutely love it!  I feel weird saying that I love a lipstick because not until two months ago I started to use lipstick all I used before was a lipgloss ir a tented lipbalm, but I seriously do not know why I did not start using them before because they are amezing. I really like the fact that this lipstick is very soft and it lasts for a long time.

Roll on perfume by AVON

Whenever I travel I find it hard to find a place for my perfume because of it's size, so I decided to buy a roll on perfume. Roll on perfumes are so useful because you can throw it in your purse or your travel bag and you can easily touch up and because they are not too big it won't take up too much space. This perfume is by the brand AVON and it is in the scent Sweet Honesty Forever. As it says it has a really sweet scent, which I love because I only use perfumes with sweet scents.


This is literally the best album I've listened in my entire life, (big 5sos fan right here), this album is perfection. Ever since they released it I started listening to it on Spotify, and it has been on repeat every single day. I literally listen every single song every single day and I do not regret it. I haven't been able to actually purchase it because it was not available where I live until this weekend. But I really want to buy it. Should I buy an actual copy of the album or should I buy it in the Google Play store? Tell me your opinion in the comments.

5sos album on Google Play
5sos album on iTunes
5sos album physical copies

This is it for today's post, hope you enjoyed it!

XOXO, Susy


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