Friday, September 19, 2014

Cake batter milkshake

Hello! I'm finally back! I am so sorry that I could not post at all during the past week but I was super busy translating in a medical mission. But now I'm back and with a new fantastic and delicious post to share with you.
Today I will share a recipe for a delicious cake batter milkshake. I love milkshakes and I had never tried a cake batter one before but let me tell you that this milkshake is so good that now I ask myself why didn't I try this before. Now let's get started!

Ingredients :
◆ 2 cups of vanilla ice cream
◆ 1 cup of milk
◆ 1/2 cup of vanilla cake mix

◆ Honey
◆ Sprinkles


1. Put the 2 cups of vanilla ice cream in a blender.
2. Add 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of vanilla cake mix in the blender.
3. Blend it well.
4. Serve

Optional sprinkled rim:
◇ Before serving put honey on one plate and sprinkles on other.
◇ Dip your glass in the honey and then dip it in the sprinkles.
◇ Serve your milkshake.


You should definitely try this recipe you'll love it! Hope you liked it!

XOXO, Susy


  1. wow this sounds like my kind of milkshake! i followed you on bloglovin' :)

    xo, carli

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for following me on bloglovin! I followed you back!

      XOXO, Susy

  2. Amazing post, dear! And I love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Bloglovin, follow me back?:)

    1. Thanks! It really means a lot to me when someone says that they like my blog! I followed you back on bloglovin!

      XOXO, Susy

  3. What a creative idea!