Friday, October 31, 2014

October Favorites

Hi!! Yay! It's time for another monthly favorites post! I love writing and reading monthly favorites post! This month was pretty hard to choose my 5 favorites of the month but at the end I chose my top 5 favorite things! So let's get started!

"The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

I know that the movie already came out but I hadn't time to read it before. I bought it at the end of September and I started reading the minute I got home because I was so excited and I finally finished it last week and let me tell this book is awesome. I actually liked the book better than the movie (I always prefer the book than the movie) but both were really good, is just that I think that you get to understand the story way better when you are reading the book. If you haven't read it you should definitely start reading it soon!

Running shoes by Brocos

So I started going to the gym and I needed a new pair of running shoes and I decided to buy these ones. I really like them because they are really comfy to use and I love the bright blue and pink colors on them!

Mexican flag phone case

I had been wanting to buy a new phone case for ages and I finally bought this one. I really like the fact that it is transparent on the sides and flag is only on the back. This phone case is by the brand Head Case Designs and they make phone cases for almost all if not all types of phones and they have so many different designs. I bought this one on Amazon here's the link to it Mexican flag phone case .

SONY headphones

For the longest time I had been looking for a good pair of headphones but I did not wanted to spend a lot of money so it was kind of hard to find them. When I saw them online I was surprised that they were one of Amazon's best seller and they were only $16.25, so I bought them and they were worth it. The sound is amezing, I love the plain white color and they are not tight enough to make your head hurt. You can find them here.

5 Seconds of Summer album

As you know I love 5sos and I already mentioned their album in one of my monthly favorites post but it was the digital version. So I recently bought the actual physical album and it is amezing!! It actually comes with a different song from the digital album. I've been listening to it non- stop ever since I bought it and I think that my parents are mad at me now because we listen to it every time we go out, the album is so good that I will never get tired of it!

This is it for my October favorites' post! I hope you enjoyed it! What were your favorite things for this month?

XOXO, Susy


  1. I love the book fault in our stars! The movie was filmed right down the road for me. And those are really cute running shoes!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

    1. I really liked the movie but I always think that the book is better. I love the fact that they are so colorful!

      XOXO, Susy